Icaro Rebar Bending Equipment

Icaro is an advanced rebar machinery company located in Italy, where they design and manufacture high quality rebar bending equipment for the construction and mining industry.

These tools are used around the world in high production factory and remote on-site environments for the construction and rebar manufacturing industries.

Icaro TP38/45 Rebar Bender & Cutter Combo

This rebar cutter/bender are capable of bending rebar at 45mm and cutting 38mm diameter with ease.

They are suitable for carrying out work on construction sites where a rebar production machine is required, or for high production cutting and bending applications in fabrication workshops.

Icaro rebar benders are manufactured in Italy and used by: 

  • Large international building firms
  • Industrial complexes and government institutions
  • Cement factories
  • Petrol companies
  • SMEs within both the civil and industrial building fields.

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Icaro P55 Rebar Bender - Special

Model P55 rebar benders have been designed with electronic pre-set controls for up to 10 programmed angles for multiple bending applications. Standard models have a pre-set range for up to 5 program settings.

Specifications of Icaro P55 rebar benders include:

  • Max. output bending force of 7.5Hp
  • Max. size rebar 55mm Dia @ 45 kg /sqmm
  • Weight 800Kg.

Choosing the right rebar bending machine or combination bender/cutter for a given application is important to ensure productivity and reliability. This unit is ideally used for working on:

  • Slab floors and industrial floors
  • Parking structures and highway construction
  • Residential, industrial and commercial buildings
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Storage tanks for coal, grain, water, chemicals, LNG and water construction
  • Nuclear containment structures; and
  • Pre-stressed and pre-tensioning concrete work.

Icaro P55 Bender.pdf Icaro P55 Bender.pdf
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