Unlimited portability and lifting prowess...

Available from Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment are the precision made hydraulic operated jacking equipment range designed by Nishida, Osaka Jack, Ogura & Edilgrappa.

These tools can be utilized for use in on-site & factory based applications such as construction sites, manufacturing plants, oil refineries, mine sites, shipping yards & general workshops. We offer both cordless and electric operated configurations per customers request to suit their desired application.


Edilgrappa L-570 Lifting & Spreading Cylinder


  • Max. Lifting Force: 22 Ton
  • Max. Output Pressure: 700 Bar
  • Max. Cylinder Extension: 570mm High
  • Motor: 36 Volt Li-Ion DeWalt Battery
  • Weight: 17Kgs (Including Battery)
  • Dimensions (L) x (W) x (H): 490 x 120 x 290mm
Edilgrappa L-570 Lifting Cylinder.pdf Edilgrappa L-570 Lifting Cylinder.pdf
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Ogura HRS-935 Cordless Hydraulic Jacking Cylinder

The HRS-935 cordless hydraulic lifting cylinder is commonly used for industrial site work and factory based operations. This tool can be ideally used as a hydraulic jack for lifting heavy objects with ease in factory and on-site environments.

The HRS-935 is powered by a reliable 36 Volt Li-Ion Makita battery and features a compact and portable design. This unit is designed and precision manufactured in Japan to the highest of international standards.

Nishida U-Type Hydraulic Jack - Model NC-UH155

Stainelecs NC-UH155 hydraulic U-Type jack is designed to easily separate press form tooling that are typically used in the metal processing industry.

Due to its compact and portable designed this unit can be ideally used for removing and fitting gear wheels and pulleys to shafts.

These hydraulic jacks are also suitable for lifting applications in tight awkward locations.

Nishida U-Type Hydraulic Jack - Model NC-U1575

Stainelecs NC-U1575 hydraulic U-Type Jack is designed to easily separate press form tooling and be use for lifting applications in on-site & factory based environments.

All Nishida products are designed & precision manufactured in Japan to the highest of international standards. 

Osaka Jack FPA-0.5 Hydraulic Foot Pedal Pump

The FPA series of hydraulic foot pumps are designed for use in on-site and factory based applications.

The FPA-0.5 has been used rigorously by independent contractors and high output construction companies around the world.

This unit boasts a lightweight and compact design with user friendly pressure & relief foot pedal controls. 

Osaka Jack FPA-0.5 Foot Pump.pdf Osaka Jack FPA-0.5 Foot Pump.pdf
Size : 626.912 Kb
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Osaka Jack FPA-0.5 Hydraulic 2-Speed Foot Pump

HP-3 FPA-0.5 Hydraulic Foot Pump with Punching Head Attachment

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